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Bridging Fans To Creators, Everywhere. 

Randamu Anime is the leading marketplace that connects passionate fans with talented creators, bringing authentic anime art and merchandise to a global audience through innovative partnerships and collaborations.


To unite anime enthusiasts and creators globally, creating a vibrant, unified platform that fosters creativity, community, and commerce within the anime universe.


Our mission is to ignite passion for anime by providing a dedicated marketplace that connects talented creators with enthusiastic fans. We aim to delight our community by ensuring the authenticity of products, supporting creators in their entrepreneurial journeys, and enriching the fan experience with a seamless, engaging platform.

All Creators go through KYC to ensure that they are the actual creators.

 Creator Protection

Creator Development 

Comprehensive production and logistics assistance for new and current creators.

Engaging Community 

Interactive platform where fans and creators can support and grow together.

Creator Verification & Development 

Ensuring authenticity of all sellers.

Our Offerings

We offers a unified marketplace that connects anime fans with authentic merchandise from verified creators, fostering a vibrant and engaging community.

Contact Us

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